Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow, Where to Begin...

I suppose a welcome is in order, along with a standing invitation to return often to see what sort of updates have been made since your last visit.

This blog is a group effort started by a group of friends who've met thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet. One thing we all have in common is a love for the type of information and adventures collected together in "The Dangerous Book for Boys". We highly recommend this book, but again we'll make clear that we have absolutely nothing to do with it in any way, other than that we've read it (most of us, anyway).

We have no agendas nor axes to grind.

Life is inherently dangerous. Please use common sense with the things you read here because yes, some of it can hurt you if you aren't careful. We can't take responsibility for accidents, so have fun, but do it safely.

A couple of details: all times are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), since the authors hail from all around the world. This just seemed like a good way to do things. An explanation of GMT would probably make a good post too (hint hint).

Each post will be labeled to make it easy to sort and search. For sure there will be "Dangerous" for boy stuff and "Daring" for girl stuff, although I suspect that many posts will have both tags and it would benefit everyone if they read everything anyway. Besides those two, I'm sure there will be many more such as (off the top of my head) "Science", "History", "Things to Make", etc. We'll see how that all sorts itself out as it goes along.

Mainly, we hope you enjoy your visit, learn something interesting, are inspired to go do, and have fun doing it. Tell your friends about us too.



Victor said...


I'm dead, aren't I?

Ted said...


How's about a post instead of a comment? Once we get a few up, we can start trumpeting the news. :D