Saturday, August 25, 2007

Measurement Resources

Some printable paper rulers - Inches and centimeters, of various types, including some without markings to see if you really understand the measurements you're using.

Three printable protractors - Three kinds of markings, for three different types of measurement.

A decimeter box - "The idea: Having a 10 cm cube helps you get to know how big millimeters and centimeters are. Here are pages you can print out, cut out, fold and tape, to make your own 10 centimeter box."

More kinds of graph paper than you can shake a stick at - Wow. Seriously, wow.

Thanks to Friedbeef Tech for these.

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Nic said...

When I was a kid, someone told me that the first to second knuckle of an index finger is about an inch. (Mine now is an inch and a quarter.) I also know that my hand, spread, from thumb to pinky is eight inches, and my foot is, in fact, a foot.

This comes in handy for "measuring" things when I don't have a ruler handy.