Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Climbing the World's Tallest Tree

The tree is named Hyperion, and it's located somewhere in California. They keep the real location of the tallest trees a secret to keep people from damaging them. Ever see where someone carved their name or initials into a tree somewhere? Yeah, those people.

So how tall is Hyperion? It's twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty (minus the base). And scientists know exactly how tall because they measured it the old fashioned way, by climbing to the top and then dropping a tape measure to the ground. Check this out:

More info on Hyperion and other tallest trees can be found here. At the link is a composite photo showing the full height of one of these trees, including someone stationed at various points as they climbed.

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Redwood Explorer said...

Without disclosing the location, there is a lot more about Hyperion Coast Redwood at this page, including a top to bottom photo:

Hyperion Redwood Info & Photo

Actually, the explorers who found these, are so accurate with high-end range finders lately, they can get measurements within millimeters to inches of the climbers' tape drop technique.

MDV / Arborist